Canada Repeats as World Junior Champions Overcoming Strong Iroquois Start

[Photo: David Fryer] 


[Photo: (left) Sam LeClair, Landon Kells - Canada, (right) Wake:Riat Bowhunter - Iroquois]


[Photo: (left to right) All-World 1st Team - Sam LeClair (Canada), Jeremy Bomberry (Iroquois), Keldren King (Iroquois), Wyatt Haux (Canada), Ian Murray (United States), Landon Kells (Canada), All-World 2nd Team - Cecile Jacobs (Iroquois), Kevin Owen Hill (Iroquois), Aaron Currie (Australia), Colt Gnech (Australia)]

All-World Second Team Goaltender Cecile Jacobs (Iroquois), Defender Colt Gnech (Australia), Defender Kevin Owen Hill (Iroquois), Transition Brenden Lundy (Israel) [not pictured], Forward Aaron Currie (Australia), Forward Tyler Kolodka (Poland) [not pictured]. All-World First Team Goaltender Landon Kells (Canada), Defender Ian Murray (United States), Defender Wyatt Haux (Canada), Transition Keldren King (Iroquois), Forward Jeremy Bomberry (Iroquois), and Forward Sam LeClair (Canada).

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Boxscore: Canada 13 - Iroquois 10 FINAL 
Players of the Game: Canada Sam LeClair/Landon Kells, Iroquois Wake:Riat Bowhunter
Final Standings: 1st Canada, 2nd Iroquois, 3rd United States, 4th Israel, 5th Australia, 6th Poland