IIJL Partners with Scotland Box Lacrosse

International Indoor Junior Lacrosse (IIJL) and Scotland Box Lacrosse have partnered in an effort to recruit players who are interested in representing Scotland at international box lacrosse events including future IIJL World Junior Lacrosse Championships. 

"The success of the IIJL World Junior Lacrosse Championship has helped bring much needed attention to the box discipline in countries outside of North America." said Brendan Cook General Manager of Lacrosse Scotland Men's Senior Indoor National Team. "We're currently exploring all opportunities to build a Junior program as we believe it is integral to the long term success of Scotland Box Lacrosse, internationally and domestically. The Junior program would help create a pathway for North American heritage players to eventually earn a spot on our senior team and contribute to the growth of the game domestically - and in turn getting more guys playing box." Cook added. 

Individual Nations each face a unique set of challenges when developing box lacrosse domestically. "Players in Scotland traditionally don’t even pick up a lacrosse stick until, maybe, their first year of university... it’s rough" said Dylan Cowman of Scotland Box Lacrosse. 

Interest to Participate

"We partner with groups to help establish a development path that will develop box lacrosse domestically in their respective nations while allowing them to compete internationally." said Chris Fox IIJL Found Member - Canada. "As each country works to meet their respective goals, we need to be empathetic of each country's obstacles and needs - 'cookie-cutter' solutions don't work." Fox added. 

"Once we get sticks in their hands - the kids hooked." said Cook enthusiastically. "In order to do that in Scotland an influx of North American players and coaching are needed." 

"We see the IIJL World Junior Lacrosse Championship as a perfect opportunity to help build lacrosse in Scotland and more specifically box." explained Cook. 

"Scottish Born, Scottish Bred" Bringing the box game to Scotland. For more information about Scotland Box Lacrosse, Scottish Domestic Box League, Touring Teams, and National Squad, visit www.scotlandboxlacrosse.co.uk and follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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