In High Flying Opener Israel Outpaces Poland for 17-10 Victory

With baggage lost and international freight stuck at customs, The "Flying" Polish tried to keep pace with a high-velocity Israel roster that took 50 Shots in the game. Only to be out-matched by Poland's 53 Shots.

Israel opened the game by taking a quick 3 Goal lead in the 1st Quarter. Poland closed Israel's early by notching one marker in the frame, closing out the 1st Quarter down 4-1. 

The start of the 2nd Quarter was hot for Poland, score two goals and coming within 1 Goal of the Israel lead. A flurry of 8 more Goals were scored in the second frame, distributed fairly evenly, with Israel taking a 2 Goal lead into halftime. 

The 3rd Quarter was relatively quiet, Israel scoring a Power Play goal, followed by two even strength goals. 

[PHOTO: Players of the Game | Poland, Evan Fielding (Left), Israel, Nick Mckee (Right).]

The final frame was the highest scoring Quarter, with 9 Goals in total. Another close frame, but still in favour of Israel by 5-4, culminating in a final score 17-10, also in favour of Israel. 

A complete breakdown of stats can be found here: Boxscore 

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